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Sep 29, 2020
Art Information Five : Uche Okeke's Conflict

The fifth art information sheet explains the inspiration behind Uche Okeke's artwork titled 'Conflict' and what it represents.

Sep 29, 2020
Art Information Four : Aina Onabolu

The information sheet delves into the life of Aina Onabolu, his ideologies and how his artistic movement shaped and inspired art forms in Nigeria.

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Art Information Three : Benin art through a bronze head

Learn about the Benin Kingdom, its history and inspiration towards definition art in Nigerian history

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Art Information Two : The discovery of the Igbo-ukwu bronze art

Access this information sheet to discover the story behind the Igbo-ukwu art and how it came to be.

Aug 25, 2020
Art Information Sheet One - A royal head within the context of Ife Art

In Yoruba Philosophy, the head is seen as the shell that houses the essence of an individual. Discover the amazing history behind the Ife royal head and the methods adapted into creating a life-like sculpture.

Currently Active
Postcolonial Modernism; Art and Decolonization Twentieth Century Nigeria

Jessica Nzenwata, our researcher, reviews an Okeke Agulu's book, Postcolonial Modernism; Art and Decolonization that was faced in 20th century Nigeria.