🏳 Open from Tuesday - Saturday (10:00am - 4:00pm), Sundays (12noon - 4:00pm)


Visitor's Policy

We welcome you to the Yemisi Shyllon Museum of Art for a complete immersion into the transformative experience of art through education. We have provided below our reviewed Visitor's Policy, with which you can orient yourself as you begin the process of planning your next visit. By visiting the Museum, you agree to abide by these policiet to help you get the most out of your Museum experience. Please take care to be well acquainted with them before visiting.

These guidleines currently accomodate COVID-19 compliant safety protocols and will continue to do so during the pademic.

  • The YSMA will be open for visits five (5) days a week (Tuesdays through to Saturdays) from 10am-4pm till further notice.
  • Visitors temperatures will be checked at the museum entrance. Visitors with body temperature readings of above 37℃ will be advised to take advantage of other means of experiencing the museum collection such as the YSMA website and Virtual tour.
  • Visitors are advised to wear their facemasks throughout museum visits. Entrance into the museum and university premises will not be granted otherwise.
  • Visitors must sanitize their hands at the designated spot before entering the museum.
  • All payments for tours will be done via bank transfers or the POS machine at the reception. Museum staff will NOT receive cash from visitors. Hence, visitors are advised to come along with their ATM cards when visiting the museum.
  • To ensure adequate social distancing, the museum will not entertain group tours of more than 10 visitors at a time till further notice. We will ensure that a minimum separation distance of 2m is maintained among visitors during these little group tours.
  • Large groups (of more than 10 people) who intend to tour the museum as a single unit are advised to suspend such visits till the YSMA deems it appropriate.
  • While at the museum, visitors are advised to abide by respiratory etiquette including covering coughs and sneezes with their arms, and social distancing rules of not shaking hands/touching one another or objects in the museum.

Entering the Museum Building

All visitors entering the building must pass through a security check. Additionally, some items are not allowed in the galleries and must be checked; other items are not permitted in the building and cannot be checked.

  • Large umbrellas and large backpacks must be checked (coat check facilities are available).
  • Small backpacks may be brought into the galleries if they are carried on your front or side.
  • Luggage and musical instruments are not permitted in the galleries and will not be accepted at the coat check.
  • Masks (other than face masks) and costumes are not permitted.
  • Water in plastic bottles may be brought into the Museum.
  • Outside food or drink is not allowed and may not be checked at the coat checks.
  • Glass containers are not permitted in the Museum.
  • There is no bypassing the security line outside the Museum. The less you bring with you, the faster you can get inside.
  • Smoking, including electronic cigarettes, is not allowed in the Museum or near the entrances.
  • The Museum operates closed circuit video monitoring for the safety of the art and the public.
  • Weapons and hazardous materials are not permitted in the Museum.
  • Please note that visitors to The YSMA may be photographed, videotaped, or otherwise recorded. By attending, you grant the Museum permission to use photographs and/or audiovisual recordings in which you appear for archival, documentary, publicity, advertising, or other purposes.

Admission to the Museum

Entrance into the Museum’s exhibition floors requires a ticket.

  • All visitors are subject to the Museum’s admission policies for individuals, members, and groups.
  • Children 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  • Advance reservations are required for all adult and non- PAU student groups of ten or more and for any third-party guided tour, regardless of size.
  • Admissions tickets and Membership benefits may not be refunded, resold, exchanged, or transferred.
  • Your admission ticket provides access to daily events and tours.
  • Select programs and events require the purchase of a ticket or a reservation in addition to, or instead of, an admission ticket.
  • The Museum cannot guarantee access to all galleries at all times.

While in the Museum’s Galleries

We want everyone to enjoy their time in the galleries. In order for us to create the best possible environment, we need your cooperation with the following:

  • The art is here for you to study, admire, and explore.
  • Please do not touch the artwork, frames, bases, or anything used to protect the art.
  • Only pencils are allowed for sketching or note-taking in the galleries.
  • YSMA staff lecturing in the galleries have priority. Please yield to YSMA-affiliated tours and programs.
  • All individuals who lecture in the galleries must have a lecture badge. A lecture badge can only be obtained by making an advance group reservation.
  • Unless otherwise indicated, you may take photographs for personal use. The use of flash, video, and selfie sticks is prohibited.

Our galleries are for discovering and sharing new experiences with family or friends. We ask that visitors refrain from disorderly or disruptive conduct that interferes with or distracts from other visitors’ enjoyment of the Museum.

  • Conduct that poses any risk to other visitors or to the Museum’s staff or collections is prohibited.
  • Running, rough play, and disruptive behavior is prohibited.
  • Please keep voices low and be mindful of others. Cellphones should be set on vibrate or silent.
  • Please be mindful of keeping doorways and hallways accessible to other visitors.
  • The unauthorized playing of music and video, unauthorized theater performances, and sound amplification and noisemakers are prohibited in The YSMA (except for assistive listening devices for visitors with disabilities).
  • Charitable solicitations, leafleting, signature gathering, picketing, and press conferences by visitors are prohibited.

Staff and Volunteers at Your Service

The YSMA’s expert team of dedicated staff and volunteers is here to help you. So they can provide you with great service, remember that:

  • Verbally abusive, harassing, discriminatory, or threatening statements or behavior toward YSMA staff, volunteers, or other visitors are prohibited.
  • The principles of diversity, inclusion and equal access apply to all aspects of The YSMA’s operations, across all categories of individuals.
  • Please follow the instructions of security officers.

The YSMA reserves the right to refuse or revoke the admission of any visitor whose conduct violates these guidelines. If you still have questions, you can reach us on +234 1 712 1728 Ext 10335.