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Art Information Sheet Thirty-One - Jimoh Buraimoh’s People of Hope

picture of Yemisi Shylon museum
Apr 21, 2024

Jimoh Buraimoh is popular for his compelling and unique beaded paintings. Over the years, Jimoh and some other artists explored unusual materials to create stunning artworks. His intriguing paintings are captivating and they express the compelling stories that the artist tells in his works. The astonishing, unique beaded piece on the first floor of the Yemisi Shyllon Museum, ‚ÄúPeople of Hope‚ÄĚ shows the artist‚Äôs mastery of the arts in his use of beads to create a vibrant painting.

To know more about the People of Hope, click on the link below to download the information sheet.

Jimoh Buraimoh’s People of Hope