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Art Information Sheet Twelve - Ifa Divination Tray

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Feb 12, 2021

Ifa divination is said to be as old as the Yoruba people. It deals with the communication between humans and the spirit world using Ifa divination tray (Opon Ifa) and other ritual materials. These spiritual objects serve as a vehicle through which the priest of Ifa (Babalawo) reaches the gods while chanting verses of a vast corpus of oral literature known as “Ese Ifa”. To fully appreciate and understand the Opon Ifa, it is important to explore what the Ifa is, the Ifa divination culture in Yoruba land and its significance in Yoruba history.

To know more about this “Ifa Divination Tray”, click on the link below to download the information sheet.

Ifa Divination Tray