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Art Information Sheet Twenty - Lamidi Fakeye’s Owo Eyo

picture of Yemisi Shylon museum
Dec 05, 2021

In traditional Yoruba societies, sculptures in the form of veranda doorposts or house posts are usually promoted. These are used to support the walls of houses as well as beautify the facades. Lamidi Fakeye was a traditional Yoruba carver renowned for his intricate wood carvings including a huge collection of Verandah doorposts, house posts and other smaller wood carvings. The Yemisi Shyllon Museum is proud to have a large corpus of Lamidi’s Wood carvings amongst which is “Owo Eyo,” which depicts Sango.

To know more about Lamidi Fakeye and his work, “Owo Eyo”, click on the link below to download the information sheet.

Lamidi Fakeye’s Owo Eyo