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picture of Yemisi Shylon museum
Jun 23, 2024

By Chidera Ifechukwu

The huge white castle

That stood along the white river of Zambezi

Now one with the earth

Until it's ready to rise again

But now, still whispering its new desires

Longing to be cloaked on a shiny grey dress

Esteemed with dark gold silk

Ambitious to be tall as a giant and round as a full moon

It whispers of its insides

A welcoming sandy floor, emblemed by nostalgia

A single object spotted in the middle

The sankofa on a mannequin

Rainbow encircling, carried on the backs of the people

Moved by the rhythm of the past

Four nations heritage under one sky

Showing a peak of the future

The trans-national museum

A museum of Nightingale

Unleashing on the pebbles of memories

Now walked upon by the soles of generation.