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The Building
picture of the Yemisi Shylon museum of art

The architecture of the museum follows the principles that inspired the design of all the other buildings of the Pan-Atlantic University: fitness for purpose, flexibility, sustainability and character. We wanted to create a flexible space that will allow the museum to change its display configuration according to changing curatorial demands. Secondly, we wanted a building that will use resources efficiently. The excellent thermal insulation of the external walls and the efficient air circulation throughout the single “exhibition space” will require a minimum air conditioning load. In planning the YSMA building and its systems, the designers gave great attention to security, environmental control, efficient lighting, display quality and ease of circulation. In addition, the rotund shape, a clean cube of 30 x 30 x 11 meters and the richly textured finish of the stained concrete walls give the museum building an iconic character that makes it stand out on the campus lawns and makes it clear how much the university values the museum as an important contribution towards its educational mission.